The Lego Symbiote is Spectacular, Five-Headed

Lego regularly put out polybags, which are small bags with a simple build, or with exclusive characters inside, as bonuses for spending a certain amount on their products. Or, in some cases, just as an extra you can buy when you reach the till. These are usually very simple things, like a red-armed C-3P0 or tiny miniature vehicles. Recently, however, Lego have been stretching things… somewhat literally, in this case.


That’s an upcoming polybag featuring Spider-Man vs the Symbiote. You’ll know the Symbiote as the alien substance which bonds with Spidey and turns his suit black – before getting ripped off and taking over the body of Eddie Brock to become the Spidey villain Venom. And whoever designed this one had a great time! Five heads, tentacles everywhere, it’s a regular nightmare creature. Not sure yet when or how this will be available, but typically there’s only a month or two between these things being unearthed, and them showing up in the wild.