New Lego Ghostbusters Set Announced


Ahead of the release of the new Ghostbusters movie, director Paul Feig (who seems to have made it his personal quest to ensure that a boatload of toys are licensed to the new characters, following the abysmal mess companies have done with female characters like Black Widow, Gamora and Rey) this week announced a Lego set which features all four of the new Ghostbusters, their car, and their receptionist.


Fro left-to-right that’d be Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy with the busting packs, along with some kind of demon thing. Chris Hemsworth, who plays their receptionist, is the one on the bike, which is called “Ecto-2”.

Now I don’t like the vehicle sets from Lego – give me a location or set any day – but I do really like how they’ve worked to make the minifigures look like the actresses who play them. The Kristen Wiig figure has a somewhat generic look, from the pictures released, but the other three all look incredibly like the cast. Nice hairpieces! This also continues my belief that Kate McKinnon’s effortlessly going to steal this film.


White Tiger, Spider-Girl, Ghost Rider and Jason Todd Appear at London Toy Fair 2016

lego heroes

We’re in the midst of London Toy Fair 2016, with a big no-photos-allowed display for Lego taking up a large space amongst the other toys. And it looks as though all the DC and Marvel Superhero sets for Summer 2016 have been on display, including a lot of new figures never seen before – and for some very unexpected characters!

Brick Fanatics report seeing the following at the event:


Web Warriors Bridge Battle – this set features Spider-Man, Spider-Girl (Mayday, it seems), Scarlet Spider (Amadeus Cho), Aunt May, Green Goblin and the Scorpion.

Ghost Rider’s Bike – with Ghost Rider and his bike, teaming up with Spider-Man against Hobgoblin on his glider.

Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap with Spiderman, Doc Ock (as a figure and as a giant mech, which may be in line with how the character was seen in ‘Dying Wish), Vulture, White Tiger, and Captain Stacey.

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Santorum – it appears that this set has Dr Strange, Wong, and possibly Dormammu.



Scarecrow’s Harvest of Fear – this set has Scarecrow and Killer Moth teaming up against Batman (who is wearing some kind of gas mask). There’s also a farmer, and apparently Scarecrow is riding a combine harvester

Killer Croc’s Sewer Smash – Killer Croc returns as a big-fig here, along with a load of villains – Captain Boomerang, Katana (both tying in to Suicide Squad, I guess) and Red Hood!


These are just reports at the moment – as we’re still a few weeks away from the European Toy Fairs beginning in earnest, take this with a grain of salt until they get officially unveiled likely in February. Seems like a big year for superhero Lego, though, if we can trust the reporting!

The Lego Symbiote is Spectacular, Five-Headed

Lego regularly put out polybags, which are small bags with a simple build, or with exclusive characters inside, as bonuses for spending a certain amount on their products. Or, in some cases, just as an extra you can buy when you reach the till. These are usually very simple things, like a red-armed C-3P0 or tiny miniature vehicles. Recently, however, Lego have been stretching things… somewhat literally, in this case.


That’s an upcoming polybag featuring Spider-Man vs the Symbiote. You’ll know the Symbiote as the alien substance which bonds with Spidey and turns his suit black – before getting ripped off and taking over the body of Eddie Brock to become the Spidey villain Venom. And whoever designed this one had a great time! Five heads, tentacles everywhere, it’s a regular nightmare creature. Not sure yet when or how this will be available, but typically there’s only a month or two between these things being unearthed, and them showing up in the wild.

Holy Moly! Batman ’66 Lego Coming in February

In news which had been predicted but never conclusively proven, Lego have officially unveiled a look at a new, 2,500 piece set based around the classic Batman ’66 TV show.


The set was first predicted following the release of Lego Batman 3, which prominently featured the characters and setting of the show as bonus content. And many of the characters seen there are also shown here, as the set is filled with minifigures! Not only do we have Batman and Robin, but also Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (in fetching outfits), Alfred, Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, and Penguin!


Even more, the set comes with a Bat-Copter, the Batmobile, and Bat-Cycle. It’s a huge set, offering you pretty much everything you can expect. A video launched alongside the announcement explains more, but you can clearly see several brilliant details tucked in through the build. The iconic red phone is there (as it was in the previous Bat-Cave set) along with a bookcase in the study which slides to one side in order to let the dynamic duo slide down dual poles into the bat-cave itself.


The set is split into three sections: the study/cave entrance, a helicopter landing pad, and supercomputer. I’m not sure if it doesn’t look a little plain – that’s a lot of beige bricks showing up within the set – but it’s certainly a complete piece of work. It’ll be the Lego VIP option for February, with a wider release coming later in the year.

Lego Cosmic Boy to be Bundled with ‘Justice League: Cosmic Clash’

Cosmic Boy, another of the forgotten members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, will be making his Lego debut this March. The minifigure for Rokk Krinn (which by the way is apparently his name) is set to be bundled in with the latest Lego DC Superheroes movie, which’ll be called Justice League: Cosmic Clash.


There he is! Adorable. He joins fellow team-members Superboy and Lightning Lad, although fellow team-founder Saturn Girl remains missing in action. You’d have to imagine she’ll be showing up later in the year to help round out the team – what other reason would there be for Lego to even bother with the Legion?

No Saturn Girl and we all riot, folks.

Spring Brings a Lego Suicide Squad Set with Harley and Deadshot


Following the Batman Vs Superman sets released at the start of the year, Lego have revealed a new DC Superheroes set which’ll feature Harley Quinn and Deadshot Vs Batman. Essentially, it’s a Suicide Squad set, as unexpected as that might sound, with Harley and Wade both wearing versions of their current New 52 outfits from the comics.

Officially known as the Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase (set 76053), the box art shows the new Batman model chasing down Harley Quinn on his motorbike, which must be at least the fifteenth one we’ve seen from Lego by now, whilst Deadshot flies overhead on his jetpack with a giant-sized gun (featuring the new click-fire system Lego have been making good use of over the last few months).

This marks the third version of Harley Quinn we’ve seen made the transfer to Lego, but the first version of Deadshot – who has the mask painted-on, presumably so people can pretend he’s either white or African-American according to their comic/film preference. The set is due for release in Spring 2016.