Jason Mantzoukas to Write the ‘Battling Boy’ Movie


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the upcoming film version of Paul Pope’s ‘Battling Boy’, but this week saw the announcement that writer Jason Mantzoukas is up to script the feature. Mantzoukas is best known as a comedic writer and actor (as well as prolific podcaster), which may well hint towards the intended tone of the movie, which’ll apparently also mix animation and live-action. He’s also a noted fan of comics, making this a really intriguing hiring move.

Published by FirstSecond, ‘Battling Boy’ was first released in 2013. It’s a fantasy following a young boy with godly powers who is sent down to another world in order to… well. battle a load of monsters, basically. It’s styled like Norse fantasy, with a lot of fighting, mythical concepts, and that heavy distinctive Paul Pope artwork.

Patrick Osborn will direct the movie once it leaves pre-production.

Right, heynongman.