Holy Moly! Batman ’66 Lego Coming in February

In news which had been predicted but never conclusively proven, Lego have officially unveiled a look at a new, 2,500 piece set based around the classic Batman ’66 TV show.


The set was first predicted following the release of Lego Batman 3, which prominently featured the characters and setting of the show as bonus content. And many of the characters seen there are also shown here, as the set is filled with minifigures! Not only do we have Batman and Robin, but also Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (in fetching outfits), Alfred, Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, and Penguin!


Even more, the set comes with a Bat-Copter, the Batmobile, and Bat-Cycle. It’s a huge set, offering you pretty much everything you can expect. A video launched alongside the announcement explains more, but you can clearly see several brilliant details tucked in through the build. The iconic red phone is there (as it was in the previous Bat-Cave set) along with a bookcase in the study which slides to one side in order to let the dynamic duo slide down dual poles into the bat-cave itself.


The set is split into three sections: the study/cave entrance, a helicopter landing pad, and supercomputer. I’m not sure if it doesn’t look a little plain – that’s a lot of beige bricks showing up within the set – but it’s certainly a complete piece of work. It’ll be the Lego VIP option for February, with a wider release coming later in the year.