New Lego Ghostbusters Set Announced


Ahead of the release of the new Ghostbusters movie, director Paul Feig (who seems to have made it his personal quest to ensure that a boatload of toys are licensed to the new characters, following the abysmal mess companies have done with female characters like Black Widow, Gamora and Rey) this week announced a Lego set which features all four of the new Ghostbusters, their car, and their receptionist.


Fro left-to-right that’d be Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy with the busting packs, along with some kind of demon thing. Chris Hemsworth, who plays their receptionist, is the one on the bike, which is called “Ecto-2”.

Now I don’t like the vehicle sets from Lego – give me a location or set any day – but I do really like how they’ve worked to make the minifigures look like the actresses who play them. The Kristen Wiig figure has a somewhat generic look, from the pictures released, but the other three all look incredibly like the cast. Nice hairpieces! This also continues my belief that Kate McKinnon’s effortlessly going to steal this film.


Claudia Gray to write General Leia Novel “Star Wars: Bloodline”

Spoilers below for The Force Awakens.


That’s General Leia, rather than general Leia, although I would like to see more stories about Leia in general from time to time.

Author Claudia Gray has written a canonical novel called Star Wars: Bloodline, which’ll be connecting a few dots for central character Leia Organa.¬†Setting the story before The Force Awakens, and during a time where Leia has taken up a position on the Senate for the New Republic, this’ll likely play more into the political thriller genre than anything else. Her role as politician seems to be at the fore of the story, although as you’ll have guessed from the cover by a sadly unnamed artist above – family are coming into this one too.

No news on the role that Han or Ben Solo may or not play in the book, although we do know that some of Leia’s struggle in the narrative will come from living in the shadow cast by Darth Vader. It also sounds like she’s going to have to beat up some snotty Imperial-admiring politician doof, too, which should be fun.

Published by Del Rey, the novel will be out May 3, because…. May the Third be with you, I guess?

Warner Bros Reveal Logos for their Next Few Movies

Over the week Warner Bros and DC unveiled the logos for their upcoming superhero movies, rolling out through 2020. Included is next year’s Wonder Woman movie – which also debuted first footage at a special event earlier in the week – as well as Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg.


Each character will be joining the Justice League (although we don’t know what that’ll mean with regards to the Lanterns – likely either one will join the team, or the whole bunch will fight the Justice League, you know how superhero meet-ups tend to work).

Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman in her movie next Summer, which’ll be set in the past, during the War. She’s also been seen, of course, in the trailers for Batman Vs Superman.


Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be in cinemas in Summer 2018, with Blake Lively apparently cast as Mera.


The Flash will appear just before him, though, in March 2018, with Ezra Miller cast as the fastest man alive.


2020 will see Ray Fisher to come the screens as Cyborg, Victor Stone.


Before, as the final part of the movie wave so far revealed, we come to the Green Lantern Corps. No date has been set for this movie yet, and nobody has been cast for it –¬†or even who the lead Green Lantern will be. Hal, John, Guy or Kyle? We’ll have to see.

Kylo Ren To Mope About Balefully at Disney Parks From February

kylo disney

Beginning next month, glossy-haired third generation overcompensating Sith Apprentice Kylo Ren will start appearing as a costumed character at both Disneyland and the Walt Disney Worlds.

He’ll be appearing in, of course, the new Star Wars areas, which were redeveloped within the parks as part of a Force Awakens branding. Kylo will be joined by Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, and “other Star Wars characters”, which hopefully means Maz Kanata will be popping up somewhere in order to flirt with anybody with a beard. Other TFA concepts to pop up at the STar Wars Launch Bay will include the First Order Star Destroyer and a hidden Resistance base.

For clarity, and because I can never remember either, Disneyland is the one in Paris and the Walt Disney Worlds are in California, Florida and Anaheim… whatever Anaheim is.

Star Wars: Rebels Picks up a little Royalty for Season 2

Star Wars Rebels, the CGI continuation of a CGI continuation of the third chronological Star Wars film, will feature a guest appearance later this year from one of the most beloved characters from the movies. The twist, however, is that the guest is NOT a character from the prequel movies.

Spoilers below!

The series is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, meaning it focuses on the fallout of The Clone Wars and the attack which wiped out almost all the Jedi – the infamous Order 66. Only a few Jedi are left, and they’re in hiding, whilst the Imperial forces build up and consolidate their power. In the midst of everything, the Rebel Alliance begin to form up.


And on an episode which’ll air on Disney XD on January 20th, the show will get to bridge the trilogies for the first time, as none other than Princess Leia will make her first appearance in the new, expanded Star Wars continuity. Voiced by Julie Dolan, she’ll mark the first time any of the central three characters have appeared outside of the movies since Disney bought Lucasfilm and cut out the Expanded Universe from canon.

She also joins Darth Vader, who is now a recurring villain for the series, and Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated series which preceded this one. This is only planned as a one-off for the time being, but it’s another sign of Disney really consolidating the various Marvel properties, and tying them together in a pre-planned, careful manner.

Jason Mantzoukas to Write the ‘Battling Boy’ Movie


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the upcoming film version of Paul Pope’s ‘Battling Boy’, but this week saw the announcement that writer Jason Mantzoukas is up to script the feature. Mantzoukas is best known as a comedic writer and actor (as well as prolific podcaster), which may well hint towards the intended tone of the movie, which’ll apparently also mix animation and live-action. He’s also a noted fan of comics, making this a really intriguing hiring move.

Published by FirstSecond, ‘Battling Boy’ was first released in 2013. It’s a fantasy following a young boy with godly powers who is sent down to another world in order to… well. battle a load of monsters, basically. It’s styled like Norse fantasy, with a lot of fighting, mythical concepts, and that heavy distinctive Paul Pope artwork.

Patrick Osborn will direct the movie once it leaves pre-production.

Right, heynongman.