The Next Disney Infinity Wave Includes Ant Man, Black Panther, Vision and Baloo

Retailer B&H seem to have accidentally leaked the next wave of characters and products coming out as part of Disney Infinity, the toys-to-life video game. This wave comes alongside the Marvel Battlegrounds game, and understandably therefore features several Marvel characters – as well as one surprising entrant from the Jungle Book.

The main Battlegrounds set will be released in March, a classic-styled fight game which we already know will feature a Steve Rogers figure in the main set. Although not revealed here, each set is released with one male and one female figure – so we should probably expect for Scarlet Witch to show up. A set of Infinity Disc power-ups are also coming out, which seem to indicate a Nova Corps upgrade, Darkhawk (what?!) and Ghost Rider’s bike.


What we absolutely know for certain now is that we’ll be seeing, firstly, Black Panther. First glimpsed in the trailer for Civil War, T’Challa will be appearing in the game with a pretty similar design. The Wi-Fi signal seen on the boxes suggests that you’ll have to update the game before you can use the characters, as they’re all patches rather than existing unlockable content.


We also have Ant-Man, unsurprisingly, who was teased a few months back but then never revealed for some reason. Scott Lang’s design also mirrors that seen in the movies, unsurprisingly.


A Black-Suit version of Spider-Man was released for Playstation Vita a few years back, but no other platform – until now. The symbiote-infused version of Peter Parker shows up as part of Battlegrounds.


The final Marvel character found here is Vision, which isn’t a particular surprise either given that he’s an ongoing concern in the movies. We won’t ever see Daredevil or Jessica Jones show up, apparently, as they’re appearing in mature-audience content which stands outside the remit of Disney Infinity.


Characters who do fit in, however, include the two starring characters in Zootopia, Disney’s next release. Nick and Judy, voiced in the film and game by Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin respectively, are both shown here in their full packaging.


So now onto the big surprise – a ‘Disney Originals’ character, in the form of Baloo from The Jungle Book. This is the classic version of the character who sings about Bear Necessities and likes eating and drifting down rivers, and seems intended to tie-in to this year’s live-action Jungle Book film where he’ll be appearing with the voice of Bill Murray. Disney Infinity aren’t able to offer four-legged characters to play with yet, but Baloo was always more comfortable on two legs anyway.

We should likely expect all the figures to be released this March.

Kylo Ren To Mope About Balefully at Disney Parks From February

kylo disney

Beginning next month, glossy-haired third generation overcompensating Sith Apprentice Kylo Ren will start appearing as a costumed character at both Disneyland and the Walt Disney Worlds.

He’ll be appearing in, of course, the new Star Wars areas, which were redeveloped within the parks as part of a Force Awakens branding. Kylo will be joined by Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, and “other Star Wars characters”, which hopefully means Maz Kanata will be popping up somewhere in order to flirt with anybody with a beard. Other TFA concepts to pop up at the STar Wars Launch Bay will include the First Order Star Destroyer and a hidden Resistance base.

For clarity, and because I can never remember either, Disneyland is the one in Paris and the Walt Disney Worlds are in California, Florida and Anaheim… whatever Anaheim is.