Spring Brings a Lego Suicide Squad Set with Harley and Deadshot


Following the Batman Vs Superman sets released at the start of the year, Lego have revealed a new DC Superheroes set which’ll feature Harley Quinn and Deadshot Vs Batman. Essentially, it’s a Suicide Squad set, as unexpected as that might sound, with Harley and Wade both wearing versions of their current New 52 outfits from the comics.

Officially known as the Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase (set 76053), the box art shows the new Batman model chasing down Harley Quinn on his motorbike, which must be at least the fifteenth one we’ve seen from Lego by now, whilst Deadshot flies overhead on his jetpack with a giant-sized gun (featuring the new click-fire system Lego have been making good use of over the last few months).

This marks the third version of Harley Quinn we’ve seen made the transfer to Lego, but the first version of Deadshot – who has the mask painted-on, presumably so people can pretend he’s either white or African-American according to their comic/film preference. The set is due for release in Spring 2016.

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